DAY 3 : Yoga Revolution Day 7 (Stability Practice)

Today’s practice focused on stability. The Sanskrit word is “sthira”, which (I’m trying to learn the terminology as well as the asanas!) can mean “firm, compact, strong, steadfast, static, resolute, and courageous”. Its etymological root (I do like a bit of etymology) is “stha”, meaning “to stand, to be firm, to take a stand”. So there’s a physical aspect, but it seems to me that it also goes beyond that to encompass the position and perspective from which we approach life.

As one might expect from a stability practice, a lot of the time was spent in balancing poses. I think I mentioned on day 1 that my dancer’s pose was not being particularly graceful that day, to put it mildly. Today was very different. I found that I was able to connect the various parts of my body to a strong core and a steady breath and to just begin to infuse the poses with a little bit of the ease (“sukha”) which was the focus of Revolution Day 1. Slightly weirdly, today I think the fact that my head has been a bit all over the place for the last 24 hours actually worked in my favour here. The balancing poses were exactly what was needed to get my mind and body back in sync, even if only for half an hour (although they remain significantly less out of sync than they were, a few hours later).

This concept of balance, as something that extends beyond simply the balancing poses, is one of the aspects of yoga that I’m most keen to try to take into my life off the mat. At the moment I’m just trying to consciously observe what the optimum balance might be in any given situation (what I eat, for example, or what I do when I have some free time). The risk is that I immediately judge myself if I don’t choose what I have decided is a balanced approach, so I also need to try to calm down that side of myself.

Finally, prompted by the “heavy noodle arms” twist at the beginning of this practice, I’m making a note to myself to explore kundalini yoga. I did some, a good few years ago, and found it to be so different to the yoga that I was used to that I didn’t persist for very long. I think the course of these 300 days would be a good time to explore it in a bit more depth, and to see if it would be a worthwhile addition to my practice.

In the meantime I’m very excited for tomorrow’s Revolution practice, as it requires a pillow, blanket and extra comfy clothing. I am expecting yumminess!


3 thoughts on “DAY 3 : Yoga Revolution Day 7 (Stability Practice)

    • It really is! Just read your post on meditation and I definitely need to add some of that to the mix.

      • I think yoga and meditation compliment each other quite well ❤. Thanks for reading!

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