DAY 24 : Yoga Revolution Day 29 (Truth Practice)


This practice focused on the throat chakra or, for those of us not quite ready to get on board with the whole chakra thing, authenticity and speaking our truth. At the start of the practice, Adriene asked us to think of one thing that we knew to be true about ourselves. That’s the sort of question that can automatically send my mind down a path strewn with negative thoughts, so instead of heading in that direction I simply said “I am here”. That sounds a bit ridiculous and obvious, because of course I was there, but I saw it more as embracing an acknowledgement that I’m still showing up on the mat and taking time for myself. Any more grandiose truths about myself need a foundation, and I felt like that statement provides a pretty solid one.

The practice itself was short and relatively gentle, focusing on opening the throat. After the difficulties I had with the previous practice, I definitely appreciated this. I also found that focusing on that simple statement “I am here” helped to dial down the stress and noise that I was feeling and hearing last time. I wonder if there’s a danger of mental and physical overload if you try to take in and focus on too many things at once. Keeping it simple definitely helped.

Some points in the email accompanying this practice really resonated with me.

“Revolution is designed to trim, tone and build lean muscle. It is essentially a KILLER Yoga Bootcamp. However, I am taking a risk and choosing not to market things focused on perfect body. … It’s challenging because we all want to be the perfect version of ourselves and that includes – a good body. … What does a good body feel like?”

That focus on how the body feels rather than how it looks is at the centre of this yoga project that I’m working on. I think I mentioned in an earlier post the intense physical discomfort that takes over when the BDD flares up. The mind and body seem to repel each other, but somehow at the same time there is this need to rip them apart even further. I need to shift the focus from how I look (or, to be honest, how I think I look, because I’m coming to accept that what I see may not be accurate – that in itself is a weird thought) to how I feel in my own skin. Yoga coaxes the mind and body to come together, rather than to fight each other, so I think I’m slowly getting there.

As Revolution will be ending very soon, I’ve been thinking about where to go next. in particular I’ve been thinking that I need to deepen my understanding of the thought and philosophy behind yoga, so have bought a copy of the Yoga Sutras.


This looks like a pretty dense book, so I wonder if the best thing to do would be to work through it methodically, taking some time to focus on one key aspect at a time while I practice, say a week for each. EkhartYoga has an eight week programme on the eight limbs of yoga, which might work well alongside that, especially as it would be nice to have some guidance and commentary from people far more experienced than I am. Whatever I decide to do, I’ll definitely continue practising with Adriene as well, as I just love her.

Two more days of Revolution to go. I can’t believe how quickly this 31 days has flown past, but the terrifying speed at which time is passing is something that I’m going to try not to think about! Focus on the now, after all (*and repeat*).



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